Majestic Creek Golf Club & Resort

Majestic Creek Golf Club & Resort has been in operation for 20 years, since 1993.
It has been widely acclaimed by gofers as the most beautifully laid-out golf course in Hua Hin, for its picturesque mountain backdrop, variety of mature trees, challenging golfing experiences, 40 lakes and not-so-wide fairways, thereby requiring a well-planned golf strategy to avoid the considerable number of lakes.

Hua Hin is highly popular among Europeans and Scandinavians as a prime golf destination. Presently, there are tens of thousands of Europeans and Scandinavians living in Hua Hin as permanent residents or long-stay visitors, and every year the city welcomes tens of thousands of tourists who spend their relaxing golfing holidays here. The number of golf courses in Hua Hin has consequently been rising, making the golf course business highly competitive. Currently,

Hua Hin has nine international-standard golf courses, two of them foreign owned.