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We keep an active programme to record members handicaps, which we update from each competition, or from cards submitted for assessment.

We can provide handicap certificates for members who wish to play at other courses and need proof of their playing handicap. Please contact the Golf Members Committee at the Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All current Majestic handicaps are available to view on the Master Scoreboard web site by clicking on this link:


To access the site enter the password 'putter'.

If you have played in a competition at another Golf Course with a society, and you have been adjusted due to your score on the day, please let the committee know and we can adjust the Majestic handicap accordingly. We are trying to get all members handicaps in line across the various societies and roll up games, so any input would be welcomed.It is a requirment that when you enter for a competition at Majestic that is run by the Members Golf Committee, you must play off your lowest playing handicap.

If the society that you have nominated to be your 'home' for handicaping uses the blue tees to measure your handicap, then you must deduct two shots when you are playing a Majestic Creek competition from the white tees.

 Most societies in Hua Hin use HandicapMaster for running tournaments, and each publish the results on MasterScoreBoard, so we can get an accurate assessment of players handicaps from this, but if there are discrepancies with your actual handicap, let us know.